Data Engineering Awards 2024

The Data Engineering Awards celebrates teams that are pushing the boundaries of data-driven work to develop cutting-edge solutions. Each year, the awards recognize outstanding achievements in analytics and AI, recognizing teams that have produced exceptional results through their innovative and creative use of data.
We invite you to submit your team’s story of how you solved some of the world’s toughest problems using data. Tell us about the impact your project had and how it can inspire others to continue innovating in new ways. Your submission will be judged by an esteemed panel of industry experts, with winners announced at the annual Data Engineering Summit in Bengaluru.

The awards offer a unique opportunity for data engineers, scientists and analysts to connect with top professionals in their field, showcase their work and gain recognition from thousands of peers around the world. Show us how your team is driving positive change through data-driven solutions and join us at the Data Engineering Awards!

2024 nominations are OPEN. Winners will be recognized at the annual Engineering Summit 2024 in Bangalore.

The five prize categories for the Data Engineering Awards are shown below. There will be more than one winner in each category. In your contribution, be detailed and provide any pertinent business effect indicators.

Award for Data Engineering Transformation

Recognizing and celebrating organizations that have used data engineering to achieve excellence in operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, digital transformation, and innovation. 

Award for Data Engineering Democratization
The Data Engineering Democratization award is an annual recognition of individuals, organizations and companies that have demonstrated exemplary leadership in making data engineering more accessible to a broader audience.
Award for Data Engineering Visionary

Recipients are recognized for their innovative and impactful work in advancing the science of data engineering, from developing new technologies to optimizing existing systems and processes.

Award for Data Engineering for Good

From healthcare to sustainability, data engineering teams are making an invaluable impact on global challenges. Their work is critical in helping us move forward together and make profound, lasting improvements to our world.

Award for Data Engineering Disruption
The award highlights projects, initiatives, products or services that have made a notable impact on the data engineering landscape. We are looking for those that have disrupted their industry and created significant change through innovation, collaboration and creativity.

7th Mar 2024

Nominations Close

14th Apr 2024

Winners Announced

30 – 31st May 2024, Bangalore

Award Celebration