Vijay Yellapragada

Vijay Yellapragada

Executive Director at EY GDS Data Analytics

    25+ years of experience with a major focus in the areas of competency practice leadership, Pre-Sales, Solution Architecture, technology consulting, large Data Analytics program delivery in the areas of Cloud, Big data and information management. Passionate about Client's success while implementing data & analytics solutions and helping them become an insights-driven organization. Worked as Lead Solution Architect on multiple complex opportunities covering the end to end data lifecycle, i.e. data to decisions. Additionally, he led the teams in developing Platform solutions that cover the areas of Cloud, Big data Management, Intelligent Automation and Insights transformation. He has done graduation with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) and is a member of industry forums.

    10:05 am - 10:35 am

    Unlock business value through Data Fabric

    In today’s rapidly changing digital marketplace, companies formed within the last two decades hold an inherent advantage over companies with legacy IT systems. This is because these digital natives are built on a digital core that relies on distributed technologies, which give them the ability to capture, track and analyze customer interactions in real-time. As a result, these companies get smarter with each transaction, increasing their efficiency and lowering costs so they can respond even faster to emerging trends and threats as they go to market. In this way, data fabric plays a pivotal role in helping organizations achieve resiliency and sustainable growth. Data fabric represents a paradigm shift in how companies leverage their data. By accessing data through one common platform, the data fabric solution provides a single view of data that was previously housed in separate data lakes and warehouses. With the creation of a semantic layer, companies can apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other analysis tools to understand new trends and revamp go-to-market strategies in days instead of weeks. EY’s data fabric unlocks value for organizations. Companies engaged in an IT transformation can often reduce at one-seventh the cost per transaction, enabling the implementation of a plan to progressively decommission the legacy systems. The data fabric solution also helps companies without a digital core to launch new ventures that turn them into digital natives at the outset, setting up operations that are significantly more efficient.