Varun Saraogi

Varun Saraogi

Principal Data Engineer at TheMathCompany

    Varun Saraogi is a seasoned Data Engineer with over a decade of experience in helping customers build scalable and reliable data products (pipelines). Currently, he is working as a Principal Data Engineer at TheMathCompany and is overseeing some of the key engagements. He is a strong believer in bringing trust to the data and has been helping customers across the board in ensuring the same.

    11:50 am - 12:25 pm

    Building Trust in the data & All Ops

    The key focus for any data-driven business is to ensure that the underlying data can be trusted. Additionally, with an increasing number of ML and AI-driven applications Ops has become a critical component in stabilising pipelines. We at MathCo. believe in providing the most trusted data to our end customers and our pipeline building philosophy revolves around Ops first approach.