Sudeep George

Sudeep George

VP Engineering at iMerit

    Sudeep George is the Vice President of Engineering at iMerit, where he develops production-ready frameworks for a data-centric approach to machine learning. He has a strong background in imaging sensors, computer vision and has built and manufactured multi-sensor computational imaging platforms for several market verticals.

    4:10 pm - 4:40 pm

    Training Data for effective AI deployment

    As AI products and services are increasingly being deployed into the real world, ML Data OPs have had to rapidly iterate to meet the challenges of handling data for model training and continuous testing. At iMerit, we have handled these challenges by working with a broad spectrum of AI companies in domains ranging from self-driving cars to medical imaging and conversational AI. We would like to share some practical insights around handling training data for complex AI systems operating at scale.