Sai Sriparasa

Sai Sriparasa

Data Analytics & AI Customer Engineer at Google

    Sai Sriparasa is a Data Analytics & AI Customer Engineer with Google. He brings a wealth of experience in the space of building data lakes that deilver tangible insights across various cloud platforms and different verticals. Outside of his work he uses Yoga, Cooking and Hiking to relax.

    10:00 am - 12:00 pm

    Building Enhanced Customer Micro Segments to drive engagement by building customer 360

    This workshop will cover and demonstrate the best practices around setting up a data lake to create a Customer 360 view. The workshop will cover data relevant for the financial services industry. While dealing with various sources of data we will walk through the common stages for data lifecycle in a data lake such as data ingestion, sensitive data detection & redaction, data transformation, data analytics, performing machine learning on this data (structured/unstructured) and driving/enabling actions from these insights. We will focus on building enhanced customer microsegments to understand the activity of our customers and recommend products that they might be interested in. By building these micro segments we are delivering recommendations that are very personalized.