Kirthi Ganapathy

Kirthi Ganapathy

Customer Engineering Manager at Google Cloud

    Kirthi Ganapathy leads a team of Data Analytics specialists at Google Cloud where she and her team partner with customers to help them get started and progress on their Digital Transformation journey with the right solutions based on their requirements. Over the last couple of years, the team has helped a number of customers from different verticals such as Banking, Manufacturing, and Digital Natives innovate with Data and Analytics for better insights and outcomes. She has been in the Data and Analytics space for the past 10 years and has worked with organizations such as IBM, Teradata and Oracle in the past.

    5:20 pm - 5:50 pm

    Intelligence and Unified Data Governance in the multi-cloud age

    In today’s multi-cloud world, it is imperative for organizations to adapt to an increasingly data-driven world and adopt analytic agility. But given the varied sources of information that organizations handle and complex data handling mechanisms, including data movement, data discovery, cleansing and preparing trusted data for Analytics, and at the same managing data security, this becomes a challenge. This challenge is magnified two-fold when you are unsure of where your data is coming from and what it means. Kirthi shares insights and key learnings and best practices around intelligent management of metadata, security and governance in a diverse and largely distributed data environment. As an additional bonus she would also cover Google Cloud’s point of view and solutions to address this problem area.