Anvita Bajpai

Anvita Bajpai

Master Principal Cloud Architect - Innovation Center CE CoE JAPAC at Oracle

    During her 18+ years of professional journey with MNCs and Startups, Anvita has built AI-powered solutions across domains, published Research Papers, Patents, business & technology Articles, and three non-technology Books. An awardee of 51 Fabulous Global Smart Cities Leaders 2020, and Women Influencer Innovator of the Year 2021, Anvita Bajpai is an alumna of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore. Anvita has been an invited speaker at leading conferences such as AI Connect 2018, Global IP Convention 2019, India Electronics Week 2020, IPRG 2022 and recognized as Powerful Indian Women in IP 2021 by World IP Forum.

    10:40 am - 11:10 am

    Data Insights using AI and ML for Business Benefit

    Businesses are flooded with a large volume of data that is growing with each passing second. This data could be structured or unstructured; it could have different formats such as numeric, text, image, speech, sensor data etc.; and it could be live streamed or gathered otherwise. The important question is how to best utilize the data for the benefit of business and its customers. This talk would focus on utilizing analytics, AI/ML, and cloud technologies for exploring hidden insights in large volumes of data. These insights could be utilized for real-time, or as required, data-driven decisions by deploying end-to-end business solutions. This talk would cover deployment architecture of AI/ML systems and 360-degree view of industry across market segments.